Invitation Letter

Dear colleagues,

The Alps-Adria psychology conferences have been organised every two years, and the location has been rotating between different countries in the area: Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, and Slovenia. It has been 10 years since the last AA conference in Ljubljana. In the meantime, successful conferences have been organised by our colleagues in the neighbouring countries, and now it’s time to meet again in the Slovene capital.

We are therefore very pleased to invite you to the 13th Alps-Adria Psychology Conference  which will be held at Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, from 27th–29th September, 2018.

Witnessing many things falling apart these days, psychology should put its energy into doing just the opposite – into putting pieces back together and building a fair and open society. At the conference, we will be putting pieces of different kinds of puzzle together––the vast puzzle of psychological knowledge and the puzzle of our international connections and unlimited friendship. We hope you will add your piece, too.

Looking forward to meeting you in Ljubljana,
Anja Podlesek,
Chair of the Organising Committee

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The 13th Alps-Adria Psychology Conference (AAPC18) has been financially supported by the Alps-Adriatic Alliance and Department of Psychology, University of Ljubljana.