Call for Abstracts

Abstract submission is no longer possible. Expected date of notification of preliminary conference program is 31 July, 2018.

Abstract submission information (click for more)

Abstracts should be written in English, which is the official language of AAPC 2018, and should have between 150 and 250 words. Every person can be the first author of only one contribution. Abstract submission deadline Abstract submission deadline has been extended until 10th June.

Abstracts will be reviewed by the local Scientific Committee and may be selected for either oral or poster presentation. Notification of acceptance or rejection by the Scientific Committee and the suggested mode of presentation will be mailed to the author until 30th June, 2018. Detailed information on the mode of presentation (e.g., guidelines for poster presentation, time allotment) and the date, hour, and venue will be sent to the author before the end of July, 2018.

Accepted abstracts will be published online on the conference website as well as in Volume 27 (supplement) of the journal Horizons of Psychology. Abstracts submitted will not be edited in any way. Hence, any typographic and grammatical errors in the submitted abstract will appear in the printed version. Changes in authorship should be communicated to the Organizing Committee in order to ensure correct appearance in the printed program. Abstract submission constitutes a formal commitment by the author to present the corresponding presentation in the session, and a commitment to the mode of presentation and timeslot assigned by the Scientific Committee. If the original presenting author is unable to attend, one of the co-authors should take over this task.


Additional information: You can only be listed once as a first author of oral presentation (if you want to prepare more contributions, please contact us). The limitation is necessary for better organisation of sections. There is no such limitation for posters. 

Abstracts can be submitted for the following modes of presentation:


Symposium (click for more)

A symposium is composed of several presentations, preferably from different countries, dedicated to one problem. The convenor is responsible for the 90-minute program and its content. This time frame allows for four to six speakers and a discussant. To meet the requirements for submitting a symposium, conveners are requested to submit via email

  • a general title and abstract of the symposium,
  • the list of symposium participants,
  • and the titles of all symposium contributions.

The participants in the symposium should submit the abstract of their contribution individually and select and select the option “Symposium” as the mode of presentation.

Individual oral presentations (click for more)

The time slot for an oral presentation is 15 minutes. The talk should last 12 minutes, leaving further 3 minutes for questions and a short discussion. Individually submitted abstracts accepted for oral presentation will be grouped into sessions based on the conference topic list.
Computers with LCD projectors will be provided in each room. Presenters should bring their presentations on the USB stick and upload them prior to the start of the session.

Posters (click for more)

Each poster will be exhibited for one full day and a special term will be allotted for their interactive presentation (3 minutes per presentation). Simultaneously exhibited posters will be grouped into thematic sessions based on the conference topic list. Student posters and “rapid communication” posters presenting unfinished studies, preliminary results, and the problems arising in an ongoing study are also admissible.
Posters should fit A1 size (portrait orientation): 100 cm height x 70 cm width.
Self-adhesive tapes will be provided near the poster boards. Posters should be mounted prior to the start of the poster session and should remain on the view for the whole day.

Round tables, (pre-conference) workshops, and other kinds of presentations (click for more)