Workshops (for students and young researchers)

Two parallel workshops will take place on Wednesday, 26th of September, from 15:00 till 19:00. You can chose between methodological workshop and cognitive psychology workshop.

Cognitive psychology workshop with Grega Repovš: Basics of EEG and its use in the study of cognition


Methodological workshop with Luka Komidar: Comparing means: why does measurement invariance matter, what is it and how do we test it?

In psychological research, we often compare means of independent groups of participants or means of one group over several points in time or dependent conditions. To make valid comparisons of means, our construct(s) of interest must be measured in the same way in different groups or time/conditions, or in other words, the observed scores of the participants have to depend only on their actual latent scores, and not on their group membership or time point/condition. This assumption is called measurement invariance (MI). The aim of the workshop is threefold: (i) to provide an answer to the question of why MI is a prerequisite for means comparisons, (ii) to present an intuitive and a technical definition of MI, and (iii) to equip the participants with basic knowledge for testing measurement invariance across independent groups in the framework of multi-group confirmatory factor analysis (MG-CFA). The workshop will be divided into a theoretical part (an approximately one-hour lecture) and (an approximately three-hour) practical session. The participants will be required to bring their own laptops with the necessary software installed (R, RStudio, packages psych and lavaan; detailed instructions and materials will be provided a few days before the workshop).

Luka Komidar is an assistant professor of psychological methodology at the Department of Psychology in Ljubljana (Faculty of Arts, University in Ljubljana). He teaches psychological methodology, statistics, and psychophysical/experimental methods. His recent research work includes test development and adaptation, different phenomena in cognitive psychology, psychophysiological measurements, and using computerized methods for psychological assessment. He is also the editor of the Slovenian scientific journal Horizons of Psychology.